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Engagement Highlights

  • Developed and executed a strategic philanthropic initiative to bring technology-based collaborative play to medically ill children by securing more than $200,000 in charitable commitments in 5 months and building a network of partners to support on-going collaboration in the field of medical play.

  • Created an online marketing and communications plan for a company brand revamp, including channel strategy, draft messaging, performance and review practices, and short-term social media management to support implementation.

  • Designed and launched a corporate cause marketing campaign with a product give-back for a software company, including mobilizing a network of online influencers, identifying nonprofit partners, and drafting messaging and editorial content.

  • Led the creation and management of a global water-focused nonprofit organization.

  • Drafted and implemented sustainable event procurement policies that reduced environmental impact and overall event costs.

  • Developed a portfolio of giving products to support the diversification of donor revenue and engagement tools, including online donor journey mapping, issue and competitive analysis, and social and promotional marketing content.

Amanda Chaillan 

Amanda brings more than 12 years of insights and experience from a diverse background working with nonprofits, business and government. Her career has focused on building sustainable organizations, and leveraging the power of storytelling to elevate brands and activate audiences.

Amanda has served as a strategic advisor to visionaries forming new nonprofits and executive teams managing organizational and programmatic challenges. She has led stakeholder engagement assessments, strategic planning discussions and served as a liaison for sensitive partnership discussions. 


Amanda has designed and directed marketing and communication projects ranging from lead generation campaigns that increase product sales to donor acquisition campaigns. She has also led program teams addressing a range of corporate social responsibilities (CSR) issues, including human rights, environmental conservation, and volunteerism, among other topics. She is a strategist and a doer, allowing her to guide clients from ideation to implementation.

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